Is AC Good For Health?

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Is AC Good For Health?

The pandemic has been a stressful time for everyone. There are a million questions being asked about the best ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones in Steger, IL and Crown Point, IN. There are also some scary stories out there, not all of them based in fact. Some are even concerned their air conditioning is spreading COVID-19 and other viruses. So, is AC healthy or does it make you sick?


Merts Heating & Air Conditioning can put those concerns to rest. Yes, your air conditioning is healthy. Any small risk of disease transmission can be prevented with regular maintenance and cleaning. In fact, an air conditioner provides many health advantages:

  • Air filtration means cleaner & healthier indoor air.
  • Special filters can remove bacteria, mold, and allergens.
  • This is a better environment for anyone with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.
  • Indoor air can contain microbes, pollen, and other pollutants that trigger illness and affect breathing.
  • The absence of these irritants can also make it easier to recover after getting sick.


It’s important to note you won’t receive all these protections against sickness and fever with the cheapest HVAC filter you can buy at the department store. At a very minimum your system should have a pleated filter with the highest MERV rating recommended for your HVAC system. Merts recommends going further with a premium filtration system and/or an air purifier.


This is the best way to assure your air conditioning is operating in such a way to promote healthy indoor air quality. This maintenance should be done before the summer heat arrives in Illinois and Northwest Indiana and will include a thorough cleaning by a professional technician to ensure clean operation.


Even if, and it’s a big if, there is some slight health risk associated with air conditioning, it is far outweighed by the alternative. Heat waves are a health crisis for people who don’t have AC. The heat can be deadly for anyone who is at risk, including the young and elderly. Conditions like heart disease or immune disorders are often made much worse during a heat wave. Air conditioning is the best protection you can have in your Steger, IL or Crown Point, IN home. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great HVAC information like this.