Furnace Maintenance & Repair


All HVAC maintenance is important, but keeping your furnace well-maintained and in peak operating condition is even more so.

In fact, your family’s health can depend on it. When your furnace consumes fuel and heats your home, the byproduct is carbon monoxide (CO) fumes. CO is an odorless, invisible gas that can be extremely hazardous and potentially fatal if left unchecked. Regular tuneups and maintenance can ensure your system is running properly and help prevent the deadly buildup of CO in your home.

Merts Heating & Air Conditioning highly recommends that your schedule a furnace maintenance inspection at least once per year. During this heating tuneup, our qualified and licensed service technicians will provide a thorough analysis of your heating system’s performance and will check all the following key points:

When our technicians have completed the extensive checklist, the system will be run through a complete cycle for further inspection.

And how about letting us do the work and scheduling for you? With a membership in our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA), not only will your annual maintenance be hassle-free but you will receive priority 24-hour service, discounts on service and accessories, waived overtime charges, and much more.

Call Merts Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a furnace maintenance checkup  or to learn more about our ESA. This service will prolong the life of your heating system, improve efficiency, and allow you to sleep peacefully at night knowing your home and family are safe.