Annual HVAC Maintenance Timeline For All 4 Seasons

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Annual HVAC Maintenance Timeline For All 4 Seasons

Sometimes it’s hard to plan for the future. A good example is how much you are enjoying spring here in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. After all, you deserve an extra round of golf or a few weekends relaxing on the deck after another long winter. Am I right? Of course you do, but please don’t forget what’s coming our way and that HVAC maintenance should be on your mind.

Summer prediction

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts hot temperatures in the months ahead, so it’s time to make sure your cooling system is ready for the challenge by scheduling your regular maintenance with Merts Heating & Air Conditioning. There are no guarantees in life, but this is the best way to lessen the odds of an air conditioner breakdown when the hot weather arrives.

You can help

HVAC maintenance is best performed by a trained technician who is able to not only fix current problems but identify future problems before they cause a breakdown. Merts also wants you to know that you, the homeowner, can play a crucial role. There are simple tasks that can be done year-round that will also limit the need for expensive repairs:

Change Your Air Filters

At a minimum they should be changed every three months. but in some cases, should be replaced monthly.

Always Double Check The Thermostat

I know it sounds simplistic but always make sure it’s set properly to heat or cool depending on the season. Many modern thermostats do this automatically, but it doesn’t hurt to check. If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure you are using it correctly to save energy.

Keep Things Clean & Tidy Around The Outdoor Compressor

This means trimming landscaping and other vegetation so it’s at least three feet away. The compressor needs good ventilation to operate properly. Use a garden hose to gently wash dirt and dust off the cooling fins.

Inspect Your Equipment Often

Be alert for things like loose electrical connections, leaks, and odd noises.

Nothing lasts forever

Practicing regular maintenance will slow down the wear and tear process but nothing is going to stop it. The time will come when you must decide if it’s better to repair your old heating & cooling systems one more time or replace them with new, more efficient equipment. Merts Heating & Air Condition is always here to help you crunch the numbers and determine which option works best for your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home. For more great information like this be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.