Did you Know Your Generator Needs Maintenance?

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Did you Know Your Generator Needs Maintenance?

Hopefully, the severe summer weather season is behind us. While we may not be seeing any more thunderstorms, it won’t be long until we start hearing about ice and snowstorms. That means the potential for devastating power outages. You say you’re not worried because you have a generator. Now let me ask, have you been practicing good generator maintenance? In other words, are you absolutely positive your generator is going to do the job when the power goes out at your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home?

I see nothing

If you’re old enough you might remember that line from the TV show “Hogan’s Heroes” but it’s also what happens too often with standby generators. Because we don’t need them until we NEED them, there is a tendency to ignore routine maintenance. Here’s how Merts Heating & Air Conditioning feels about this. If you were concerned enough about power outages in your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home or business to buy a generator, then you should be investing in regular generator maintenance.

Getting started

The owner’s manual is your friend. Read it and to learn the recommended schedule for things like replacing the air filter and oil changes. Keep in mind the amount of use and the environment the generator is used in can affect the schedule. Here’s one example of what your list may look like:

  • Run the generator weekly
  • Check fluid levels and battery charge monthly
  • Every 6 months closely inspect belts, lines, hoses & connectors
  • Perform a load test annually and recondition the fuel

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Only you can decide how dirty you want to get your hands and your level of do-it-yourself skills. Merts suggests you call in a professional for generator maintenance at least once a year. He or she will have the training and skill to test all functions and perform any needed repairs. With proper maintenance standby generators, like the Briggs & Stratton models Merts sells, can last for decades and are powerful enough to power entire homes and buildings. Choose to ignore generator maintenance and you might have a disappointing experience when the inevitable next “storm of the century” rolls in.

Ready, willing & able

Merts Heating & Air Conditioning has a motto of “Quality and Honesty Since 1952.” Give us a chance to show you what we mean. Call Merts to learn more about installing a backup generator or maintaining the one you already have. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.