How Much Does A Furnace Gas Valve Replacement Cost?

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How Much Does A Furnace Gas Valve Replacement Cost?

I know when folks read these articles, they often want to know how much a particular HVAC service or repair will cost. My response is always the same: This is no place to give an official estimate because every job is different. A seemingly simple repair can often become more complicated because of hidden problems.

With that said, let’s focus here on a question that we often receive from homeowners in Steger, IL and Crown Point, IN. They want to know how much it costs to replace the gas valve on their furnace. Merts Heating & Air conditioning knows that a gas furnace is an excellent and cost-effective form of home heating. That said, there are a lot of components that can cause problems and that includes the gas valve.


When the gas valve malfunctions, a quick fix is needed because it means your furnace isn’t working. A faulty gas valve can also cause a dangerous gas leak. Now back to the question about cost. While I can’t give you an official estimate, we can look at the typical cost range for a gas valve replacement.

Cost of replacement valve $90-$250 (depends on model etc.)

Labor cost to install $200-$500 (every situation is different)

I want to be very clear so there is no confusion. This is NOT the “on-off” valve on the gas supply line. The furnace gas valve is a part of the unit and it’s what allows gas to flow to the burner when the thermostat says it’s time to turn on. Then shut off the gas when the temperature reaches the set point.


While not a major repair, a broken gas valve is a reason to take stock of your situation. Depending on how old your furnace is, the broken gas valve could be a sign of what’s to come and you may want to consider a furnace replacement in your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home. Every furnace eventually reaches a point when it doesn’t make any sense to spend money on repairs.


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