How Green Is Radiant Floor Heating?

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How Green Is Radiant Floor Heating?

If you’ve followed us for very long you know Merts Heating & Air Conditioning is a big believer in radiant heat. The most common form these days is in-floor radiant heating and it makes for a very comfortable home. Let’s face it, you can’t beat the luxury of warm floors on a cold Illinois or Northwest Indiana morning. What you may not realize is that radiant heating is also an energy saver. That’s right, in this case luxury is also green.

Efficiency #1

Simply put, heating water is more efficient than heating air. The hot water heats the floor and the warmth radiates through each room warming all the objects and people in it. Forced air systems tend to have uneven heating because it’s difficult to distribute the heated air. The result is hot and cold spots. Radiant heating is so evenly distributed that you will actually feel warmer. There are some users who insist they can set the thermostat as much as five degrees lower than they would with a forced air system.

Efficiency #2

Yes, there is a number two. Radiant heat is also an energy saver because there are no ducts. The ductwork is typically the weak link of a forced air system. Leaks and poor design can often mean that as much as 30% of the heated air never gets to the living areas in the home. When you add it up a radiant heating system should be about 15% more efficient. We believe that’s a pretty conservative estimate.


You know what else is great about no ductwork? No noisy blowers and fans are needed to move the air around. Blowers and fans that move dust and dirt along with the heated air. Instead the warmth gently radiates up from the floor.

Yeah, but … 

Okay, there are some drawbacks to mention. Think of radiant heating like a big cruise ship. It doesn’t start and stop on a dime. If the house gets cold it can take a pretty long time for heat in the floors to warm the entire house. Once it’s warm, the floor can retain the heat for quite some time as well. The initial costs are higher than a forced air system, but if being an energy saver and having a more comfortable home are important to you, then radiant heating is a good investment.

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