How Important Is Boiler Maintenance And Cleaning?

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How Important Is Boiler Maintenance And Cleaning?

Certainly you have felt it by now: The winter chill is in the air and since we call Illinois and Northwest Indiana home, the cold is going to be here for several months. You may be among those who say you don’t mind winter. After all, it’s good sleeping weather…as long as you don’t wake up to a cold house in the morning.


If you have radiant heat in your home, the heart of the system is the boiler that heats the water. When you don’t take care of the boiler, it can lead to those cold mornings I just mentioned. Because boilers don’t have as many moving parts as forced air furnaces it’s easy to ignore routine maintenance that is necessary to keep your Illinois or Northwest Indiana house warm and comfortable.


To avoid repairs and breakdowns, boiler maintenance should be performed at least once a year. Ignoring maintenance is a bit like gambling because you increase the risk of some unpleasant consequences, including but not limited to:

  • Comfort & safety—When the heat goes out at home in Steger, IL or Crown Point IN it’s not just an annoyance. With our often-frigid winter weather, an unexpected breakdown means freezing temperatures can quickly damage your house and create life-threatening problems.
  • Efficiency & reliability—Even if your house is warm and comfortable, boiler cleaning and maintenance is the best way to maintain efficiency which means you save money every month on the gas (or electric) bill.
  • Decreased longevity—Have you looked recently at the cost of a new boiler? Trust me, you want the old one to last as long as feasibly possible. A gas boiler is designed to last for decades but ONLY if it is taken care of properly. Ignoring boiler maintenance will almost always shorten the lifespan, perhaps by several years.
  • Safety is always the top priority—Gas boilers safely heat millions of homes across the country, but they aren’t without risk. Gas leaks can cause fires and explosions. Any fuel-burning device carries a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Rest assured that annual boiler cleaning and maintenance by Merts Heating & Air Conditioning always includes gas leak detection and carbon monoxide testing. Additionally, proper maintenance assures efficient combustion, always the best way to protect against CO poisoning.


The last thing you want to do is wake up to a cold house. Now is the best time to call Merts and schedule your boiler maintenance and cleaning. Our HVAC experts can diagnose looming problems before they cause a breakdown. Waiting for something to go wrong almost always means the repairs will be more expensive than the preventive maintenance. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to learn more about the services we offer for your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home.