How Long Is An HVAC System Expected To Last?

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How Long Is An HVAC System Expected To Last?

Oh, how I wish there was a simple answer to that question, but here’s the straight talk: The life expectancy of any HVAC system depends on many factors, so a simple answer is impossible. An important place to start is with the efficiency of the heating and/or cooling systems in your Steger IL or Crown Point, IN home. It often makes sense to replace HVAC equipment while it’s still working. As the years go by those systems become less efficient and cost more money to operate. That’s a big reason why heating and cooling systems are replaced every 13 years on average.


If forced to talk about maximum life expectancy before a system crashes and burns, here is what I would say about some of the most common HVAC components currently used in Illinois or Northwest Indiana:

    • In most cases these will last at least 15 years, and maybe as long as 25 years. Some of the key factors that determine longevity:
      • Sized correctly for your home
      • Regular maintenance done every year
      • Proper installation when purchased
    • Please note these factors apply to all types of HVAC equipment, not just furnaces.
    • Anything beyond 10 years should be considered a bonus. Unlike a furnace, your A/C is exposed to the elements. Wind, rain, and sun can shorten the life expectancy of an air conditioner. On the plus side, an air conditioner in Illinois or Northwest Indiana isn’t working as long and hard as an air conditioner in Arizona which should increase life expectancy.
    • With the exception of a month or two in the spring and fall, air source heat pumps run nearly year-round to provide heating and cooling. While that may have some negative impact on life expectancy, it is our experience at Merts that a heat pump should last about as long as a stand-alone air conditioner.


As a homeowner in Steger, IL or Crown Point, IN you play a key role in determining the life expectancy of your HVAC system. If you want to delay a furnace or AC replacement for as long as possible, then make sure you are religious about routine maintenance. Call Merts Heating & Air Conditioning now to schedule your seasonal maintenance. Even better, sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement maintenance plan and Merts will call you to schedule maintenance visits. Learn more about the services we offer by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.