How Long Should My HVAC System Last?

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How Long Should My HVAC System Last?

Lifespan of an HVAC System

Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most needed and most expensive investments you’ll probably make. You can bank on hot summers and very cold winters in our Northern Indiana and Illinois area climate. It’s very important for your family’s comfort and safety that your heating and cooling system is dependable and ready when you need it.

Our home comfort systems do more than keep us cool in summer and warm in winter. An efficient, well-running HVAC system also affects the amount of dust and dirt inside and the moisture levels in our homes (too high means possible mold and mildew; too little causes static electricity or dry nasal passages), both have an overall effect on the indoor air you breathe. Protect yourself and those you love by having the purest, most healthy air possible.

Average Age of a Well-Maintained HVAC System is 15 – 20 Years

HVAC industry experts recommend having your HVAC system inspected and tuned up before each use. In other words, once before cooling season and once before heating season. Most HVAC system manufacturers even require two annual cleanings to keep warranties valid. 

Signs of a Failing HVAC System

There are several indicators that it may be time to consider an HVAC system replacement. Some of them are:

  • Your system is blowing warm air, or you have hot or cold spots in areas of your home.
  • You hear loud or unusual noises when the system is running.
  • Your home isn’t staying consistently cool or warm.
  • You’ve been paying for AC repairs more frequently.
  • You notice an unusual amount of dust inside.
  • The humidity levels indoors are out of control.

If your system is at least 15 years old or you’re noticing any of the above symptoms, contact Merts Heating & Cooling for a free in-home appointment to discuss your HVAC system needs. Our skilled Comfort Specialists will offer you options that meet your needs while not busting your budget. Call today.