How To Clean Or Replace Your HVAC Filters

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How To Clean Or Replace Your HVAC Filters

You know what June means, right? It’s wedding season. Merts Heating & Air Conditioning doesn’t need a pledge of undying love, but we would like you to commit to a relationship with us as a member of our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) maintenance plan. As a member you will receive HVAC maintenance visits twice a year, once for your heating system and once for your air conditioner. Additionally, ESA membership brings with it a host of other advantages.

Maintenance is a team effort

As we start another hot summer, we can’t emphasize enough that visits by a trained Merts technician are vital to keep your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home comfortable, but there are some things you can do to help. Number one on the list is regularly inspecting and replacing your system’s air filters. This allows your system to breathe the way it should and operate efficiently.

Air filters 101

Cleaning/changing your air filter is a relatively simple project, but there are a few things to know and rules to follow before you tackle the job.

  1. Check your owner’s manual to see what type and size of the filter is recommended. Also, if your system is covered by a warranty, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you don’t have a manual, you will need to remove the old filter to determine the type/size. Make sure you replace the old filter with a new one that is the correct size; too big or too small, and it could result in debris, dirt, etc. getting into your system.
  2. Turn your system off before you start on anything or remove panels 
  3. Find the filter. Most systems operate the same way: air is brought into the return ducts, filtered, then cooled and sent back out through supply ductwork to each room in the house. The furnace filter will be located between the incoming ductwork and the air handler.
  4. Remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. Make sure to match the arrows on the filter to the correct airflow direction.
  5. If your filter is a washable one, there may be no need to replace it. Simply take it into the shower or outside and gently spray it clean. Make sure you spray it in the opposite direction of the airflow. Allow the filter to dry before replacing it. 

One final filter note

Filters are available in different levels of filtration. Some are designed to remove very fine particles from the air. While that is a good thing, those filters can also limit airflow making the air conditioner work harder. Again, check the owner’s manual because it’s important the filter is matched to your system to ensure correct airflow. If you have any questions Merts will be happy to help when you call to schedule your HVAC maintenance. There’s always great information like this available when you like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.