Humidity Creates A Healthier Home

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Humidity Creates A Healthier Home

Snow, cold, and ice are tough enough to deal with, but they also announce the arrival of the cold and flu season. Merts Heating and Air Conditioning reminds you there are things you can do to fight back. One factor many people don’t think about is the humidity level in your home.

Winter air is very dry and studies show low humidity levels help cold and flu viruses spread. The lower the humidity, the higher the virus survival rate. Researchers used mannequins and simulated coughs to spread the flu virus. At a humidity level of 23%, more than three-fourths of the virus particles were still capable of causing an infection an hour later. When the humidity is raised to 43%, only 14% of the particles were capable of causing an infection.

It just one more example of how important proper humidity levels are when it comes to overall indoor air quality (IAQ). While your health is paramount, it’s not the only problem caused by dry air. There’s the annoying static electricity, dry nasal passages, and damage to wood floors and woodwork in your house. The solution is a whole-house humidifier from Merts to fight back against the flu virus. We feature Aprilaire humidifiers, one of the leading brands in the business.

A whole-house system is much more convenient than portable units. Once installed, the whole-house humidifier works together with your central heating system. All you have to do is set the desired humidity level and you’re done. The ideal level is 40% to 50%. Additionally, a whole-house system has a built-in regulator so there’s not too much moisture in the air. Many portable units don’t have regulators and the air can become too humid, which can increase mold and mildew.

A humidifier might also save you money. With proper humidity levels the air actually feels warmer. As a result, you can turn the heat down a degree or two and still be comfortable, which will make you feel good when the heating bills arrive.

So, don’t just throw up your hands and think there’s nothing you can do to protect against colds and flus. Call Merts Heating and Air Conditioning for proper indoor humidity control. We’ve been delivering HVAC service with quality and honesty since 1952. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information about keeping your home safe and comfortable year round.