Is an Increased Utility Bill Related to HVAC?

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Is an Increased Utility Bill Related to HVAC?

Do you shake your head in frustration when you open those monthly utility bills? There can be many reasons for a spike in the electric or gas bills for your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home, but the most common cause is something related to your heating and cooling systems. It makes sense because HVAC systems generally account for 40% of your total energy costs. So, while Merts Heating & Air Conditioning applauds any energy savings effort, i.e. LED lights & efficient appliances, the best way to attack the problem is by improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Here are some of the top considerations.

Age & efficiency

Advances in efficiency have been nothing short of spectacular in the last few years. If your home hasn’t had an HVAC upgrade in say 10 or 15 years, it’s time to seriously consider it. Its very possible new systems could cut the heating & cooling share of utility bills up to 30%. Yes, it is a major expense, but it will save money every month. No amount of heating system repair or maintenance will make an old system as efficient as a new one.

Rising prices

The other factor to consider is the rising price of energy, especially electricity. Not only does inefficient heating & cooling equipment use more energy or fuel, but each kilowatt hour or therm is costing more, making efficient energy use even more important.


Regular maintenance can also save money on utility bills. This includes cleaning, lubrication, replacing filters, and making needed heating system repairs. Just like any mechanical device, your home’s HVAC equipment needs preventive care. Just remember what we talked about regarding the age of your system. Furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners all get less efficient as they age. Good maintenance can slow the process but can’t stop it. There will come a time when replacement makes more sense than spending money on repairs and maintenance.

Other factors to consider

There are some indirect reasons why your heating and cooling systems are using too much energy. You may wish to speak with one of our Merts technicians to determine if one of these factors are why your utility bills are spiking:

  • Not enough insulation in attics and walls
  • Problems with your thermostat
  • Leaky doors and windows
  • Climate extremes

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