Is It Necessary To Service Your Air Conditioning?

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Is It Necessary To Service Your Air Conditioning?

Have you ever read those stories about people who live to be 100 years old? Inevitably when asked how they lived so long some will say it’s because of their daily shot of whiskey. I’m not doubting their anecdotes, but I’m guessing most doctors would say the best way to increase life expectancy is by living a healthy lifestyle, getting regular checkups, and not smoking. 


The same principle holds true when it comes to the air conditioning in your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home. You can ignore seasonal maintenance and your unit could still last for 15 or 20 years. But the odds aren’t in your favor. It’s much more likely that an unmaintained air conditioner will suffer repeated breakdowns, requiring expensive repairs and you will need a replacement much sooner than expected.


The goal of seasonal maintenance for your A/C is the same as your annual physical in the doctor’s office: Identify and correct problems before they get serious.

  • Annual AC maintenance includes a thorough cleaning, a change of air filters, leak checks, and testing electrical components.
  • An air conditioner loses efficiency as part of normal wear and tear. Seasonal maintenance restores operation and efficiency to as close to new as possible.
  • The dirt & dust removed during AC maintenance improves indoor air quality. This is an important step to keep your family safe from allergies and other health-related problems.


You can also help your air conditioner work better and last longer. Here are some tips and tasks most homeowners can handle on their own:

  • Change filters yourself in between seasonal maintenance visits.
  • Make sure the outdoor compressor is on a level surface.
  • Remove any debris including leaves, weeds, grass clippings and branches.
  • Maintain at least two feet of clearance around the compressor.
  • Replace any worn or missing insulation around the refrigerant lines.


Merts Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Steger, IL and Crown Point, IN since opening their doors in 1952. We are aware of the perception that seasonal maintenance isn’t REALLY necessary and we’re just doing it to make money. We urge you to do your own research. Virtually every independent consumer advice site on the internet will confirm the value of regular tune-ups. Call Merts and schedule your appointment now. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great information like this.