Understanding The HVAC Replacement Rule Of Thumb

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Understanding The HVAC Replacement Rule Of Thumb

We know you were promised there would be no math but bear with us as we talk about the rule of thumb when it comes to deciding if it’s time to replace your HVAC system(s). As with any mechanical device, there does come a time when it makes more sense to replace it than to repair it.

The HVAC Replacement Rule of thumb

Merts Heating and Air Conditioning has a rule of thumb based on the cost of the repair, the age of the current system, and the estimated price of the HVAC replacement. Here is how it works:

  • Take the cost of the repair
  • Multiply it by the age of the system in years
  • If the total exceeds the replacement cost go with the new system

Let’s consider some real-world examples remembering the cost of a new system can vary widely based on the size, efficiency rating, and many other factors.

Repair Cost X Age in years Equals Cost of new (based on industry averages) Repair/Replace
$540.00 X 12 $6,480 $5 to $15K Replace
$300.00 X 6 $1,800 $5 to $15K Repair
$450.00 X 15 $6,750 $5 to $15K Replace

You get the idea. We are not going to tell you this is a bible. Each situation can be a little different in your Chicago’s Southland and Indiana’s Region Area home. Hence the reason why we call it a rule of thumb.

All Factors Must Be Considered

It’s easy to look at the upfront cost of an A/C replacement, but there are many factors that need to be taken into account:

Cutting Monthly Costs

Depending on the age of your current system, a replacement will almost certainly be a money-saving decision because it’s likely going to be much more efficient. It’s not unrealistic to expect a drop in monthly utility bills.

Increased Home Value

You may not be planning on selling your home, but you never know what the future holds. Efficient new heating and cooling systems will add resale value.

Peace of Mind

An HVAC replacement comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which means no more worrying about unexpected and expensive repairs.


The latest technology in a new heating and cooling systems will almost always make your home more comfortable.

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