What is Involved in AC Maintenance?

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What is Involved in AC Maintenance?

There are many things you can do to help maintain the HVAC systems in your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home but make no mistake, heating and air conditioning maintenance is not a do-it-yourself task. To be done right it requires the service of a professionally trained technician.

The maintenance checklist

Your friends at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning urge you to schedule maintenance visits twice a year. One in the spring for your air conditioner and another in the fall for the heating system. When a Merts technician visits your home he or she will go through a comprehensive maintenance checklist on your HVAC systems.

Inspect and change air filter

Many times, this is a task homeowners perform for themselves but it’s always a part of our maintenance visit. The technician will inspect the filter, ask you when it was last changed, or install a new one if the old filter looks dirty. Merts can’t emphasize enough the importance of regular filter changes, especially if you live in a dusty location or have multiple pets in the home.

Visual inspection of the complete system

This is where the training of the Merts technicians is so valuable. They can spot problems with your HVAC systems BEFORE a breakdown happens. Doesn’t this make more sense than waiting for your A/C to stop working on the hottest day of the summer? These inspections and preventative maintenance will also prolong the life of your system.

Clean and removing debris

Trust us, the filter isn’t the only thing that gets dirty. Dust and debris can collect on blowers, fans, and cooling coils. Regular cleaning will prevent wear and tear.

Checking the condensate drain

During the cooling season an air conditioner or heat pump is removing a large amount of water (humidity) from the air inside your house. If there’s a problem with the condensate system, it can result in damage to the equipment or water damage in the home. The technician will make sure the condensate drain is free of clogs and debris. Professional air conditioning maintenance includes flushing and cleaning the drain.

Checking the thermostat settings

Think of your thermostat as the brains of your HVAC system. If it’s not “thinking” correctly then your home isn’t going to be comfortable. A professional technician will check the thermostat during maintenance to make sure the actual temperature matches the temperature on the thermostat. Any significant difference indicates there’s a problem.

Check refrigerant level

This is a vital part of air conditioning maintenance. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, the A/C won’t cool effectively. Another thing to keep in mind, refrigerant levels are critical during the winter for heat pumps. It’s what allows your heat pump to squeeze heat from the seemingly cold outside air and transfer it into your home

Check electrical connections

The technician carefully examines connections and looks for frayed and damaged wires to minimize the risk of fire and damage to the system components.

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