Your HVAC “Arteries” Could be Affecting the “Heart” of Your System

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Your HVAC “Arteries” Could be Affecting the “Heart” of Your System

Have you ever had a doctor tell you, “You had better cut down on the pizza and steak. I’m worried about your arteries.” Believe it or not, there’s a good analogy there for your HVAC system. Your air conditioner and furnace are the heart of the system, but the ductwork is like the arteries and ductwork problems will affect your system.

Merts Heating & Air conditioning wants you to know dirty or restricted ducts affect the efficiency of your HVAC systems, just like clogged arteries affect the efficiency of your heart. The experts say that leaky HVAC ducts or improper duct insulation will decrease the efficiency of your heating or cooling system by up to 30%.

When the problem is the arteries in your body, your heart has to work harder and you might have trouble climbing steps, playing sports, or doing physical labor. When it happens to your HVAC arteries, your ductwork, the furnace and air conditioner (the heart) have to work harder to keep the home comfortable. Even if you have an efficient new system, you will be wasting money every month on higher utility bills.

The best way to find out if you have a problem is to call in the experts from Merts. Their first steps will be:

  • Testing: This is to make sure the original installation was done correctly and meets accepted industry standards. The ducts must be the correct size for your system. It’s the only way to be sure the proper volume of air is able to flow to all areas of your home
  • Sealing & Insulating: Those two words are pretty self-explanatory, but the process is very important. The Merts technicians are trained to find any locations where conditioned air is escaping before it can be used to cool or heat your home. They will seal the leaks tightly. It is critical to insulate your ducts in attics, crawl spaces, and even some basements.

In certain situations, your ductwork may not be repairable and the best option will be duct replacement. Merts is perfectly capable of doing that work.

One thing we’re absolutely sure about: Ductwork repair, cleaning your air ducts, and fixing any leaks is nowhere close to as expensive as it is to clean and repair your heart arteries. Not to mention a whole lot less stressful. Taking care of your ductwork as part of your regular maintenance from Merts Heating & Air Conditioning will assure your unit continues to run at top efficiency.