Why Surge Protectors Are a Good Investment

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Why Surge Protectors Are a Good Investment

Investing in a Surge Protector for Your Home

Here in the Steger, Illinois and Crown Point, Indiana areas, we get our fair share of extreme weather. Tornadoes, thunderstorms and everything else in between affect local homeowners. Like people everywhere else in America, we also have housefuls of electronics and appliances. From laptops, tablets, smart televisions, desktops, and printers to refrigerators and gaming systems, we have thousands of dollars invested in conveniences we don’t want to do without.


A surge protector is a small device designed to allow multiple items to be plugged into one outlet and, more importantly, protect those items from power surges or spikes in the amount of voltage traveling through the home’s electrical lines. The difference between a surge and a spike is the length of time of the increased power, which is inconsequential to the average person. Both can cause significant damage to electronic appliances if the voltage increase is high enough. 

While the best-known cause of spikes is lightning, it’s not the most common. The likely cause of most spikes is the operation of high-powered appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. It takes a lot of voltage to power larger appliances on and off. The switching causes quick, short demands for energy, which interrupts the power flow through the lines.

Power surges are often caused by faulty wiring and downed power lines, leading to widespread power outages. When the power comes back on, a surge of electricity goes through the lines and can adversely affect your devices and appliances.

One thing to remember is that all power strips are not surge protectors. They may look alike and essentially function the same, but a power strip will only give you added space to plug in items. An authentic surge protector will have a ‘joules rating,’ which is a unit of measurement for energy signifying how long your appliances will be protected. Click here for Digital Trends’ recommendations on the best small-size surge protectors for 2022.


Did you know lightning can travel up to a half mile? Summer storms can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, too. Just as smaller, individual surge protectors protect your interior devices from lightning strikes and power surges, an HVAC surge protector shields your comfort system by redirecting the lightning into the ground away from your HVAC system. An HVAC surge protector will also protect from those more common power surges. Did you also realize most home insurance policies don’t cover damage to appliances and HVAC systems from power surges or lightning strikes? Be proactive. Protect your investment by having the experts at Merts install an HVAC surge protector today. 

Surge protectors are a pretty economical investment to protect your valuables and are easy to come by. The courteous and knowledgeable staff at Merts Heating & Cooling can offer additional guidance to ensure you buy exactly what you need for maximum coverage.