What’s Causing Your Furnace To Leak Water in the Winter?

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What’s Causing Your Furnace To Leak Water in the Winter?

Often, when we think of heating challenges, three obvious repair issues come to mind: your home has no hot air blowing from the vents or the radiators are cold to the touch; loud clanging, banging or other such noises can be heard at the furnace; or, you’re experiencing cold spots in specific areas of your home.  Another possible problem with heating systems is the furnace begins leaking water in the winter. Any visible water around your furnace or dripping from pipes that go into or out from your furnace are cause for concern and should never be dismissed. 

Consequences of Water Leaking from the Furnace

Ignoring water coming from your furnace can lead to bigger, more expensive problems and possibly even a furnace replacement and extensive property damage. Worse than that, mold can begin to grow, which can have both short- and long-term effects on your health. 

Causes of Water at the Furnace

  • Visible water can originate from a condensation problem. Damaging condensation can be caused by a clog in the condensate line or drain or an issue with the condensate pump. 
  • If you have a gas furnace, a clog in the flue pipe can prevent naturally forming condensation from evaporating into the flue as usual. Over time, the condensation results in standing water around the furnace.
  • If your furnace has a humidifier attached, sometimes leaks can occur due to clogged filters or drains. Leaks can also occur inside a humidifier. 

To prevent further damage to your home or furnace, a furnace leaking water should be handled by trained HVAC technicians. Merts Heating & Air Conditioning has served Northeastern Indiana in the Crown Point area as well as Steger, Illinois area homeowners since 1952. We can help you, too.

For quick and efficient heating repairs, including water leaks, cold spots, strange noises or smells, and especially no heat, contact the professionals at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning