5 Alarms You Must Have In Your Home

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5 Alarms You Must Have In Your Home

There are many important things going on in your life, but nothing is more important than the safety of yourself and the people you love. November is carbon monoxide awareness month, and with that in mind Merts Heating & Air Conditioning wants to spend some time talking about ways to make your Illinois and Northwest Indiana home safer.

Basic protection

At a minimum, every home should have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. They should be tested monthly and the batteries replaced twice a year (many people do this when changing their clocks in the fall and spring). If you don’t have these detectors, then stop reading this blog right now and go to your local store and buy them. In this day and age there is literally no excuse why they shouldn’t be installed in your home.

Natural gas & propane

These fuels safely heat homes here in Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and across the country. They are also explosive and highly flammable which means there’s always some danger. Home gas safety is vital if you are using one or both of these products. A chemical is added to natural gas and propane to produce a rotten egg smell to help detect leaks but smelling a leak should not be your only protection. Merts suggests a natural gas detector that sounds an alarm when a leak is detected. Detectors are an especially important part of home gas safety if you are using propane. This gas is heavier than air and propane can fill a room or your basement before you smell anything.  Remember, if a propane or natural gas detector sounds an alert you should leave the home immediately. Once you are clear of the house THEN call 911.

Less common protections

Did you know radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking?

It is in the soil in the Great Lakes region and can leach into your home. There are two ways you can protect yourself. One is with a single-use radon test ($15 or less), second is with a radon detector (about $130) that constantly monitors the radon level in your home. If a high level is detected, you should contact a contractor who is licensed to deal with radon mitigation.

Did you know there are ten operating nuclear power reactors in Illinois?

Everyone understands the odds of a serious nuclear accident with dangerous radiation are extremely low, but they are not zero. If it’s something you are concerned about, radiation detectors are also available as part of a home safety program. 

Let’s work together

Merts Heating & Air Conditioning is always ready to help with any questions. Let’s work together to make your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home as safe as possible. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.