7 Ways to Humidify Dry Air

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7 Ways to Humidify Dry Air

If you’ve followed these blogs for very long you know Merts Heating & Air Conditioning is concerned about the dry winter air and how it can affect you and your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home. While we’ll talk a little bit about the problems, the focus here is on solutions. Let’s start with seven ways to increase humidification in your house.

Seal it up

Caulking and weather stripping is more than a way to keep cold air outside. It’s also a good way to fight back against dry air by keeping humidity inside. Become a draft detective looking for air leaks on doors, windows, and around outlets. 

Ditch the microwave & oven

This doesn’t have to be absolute but make it a goal to do as much cooking as possible on the stovetop or in a slow cooker. It really makes sense. When you are boiling water or simmering a big pot of pasta sauce you are adding humidification to your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home.  Take it one step further and humidify the indoor air even more by planning dishes that take a long time to cook (this is where the slow cooker comes in). When you use the oven for baking meals it can take moisture out of the air.

Change your cleaning routine

When you are cleaning the shower, sink, or any surface, let the water run while you’re working. This doesn’t have to be to the point your water bill skyrockets, but it will add extra moisture to help with dry air.

Showers & baths

If modesty and privacy allow, leave the bathroom door open while taking a shower or bath. This will allow the moist air to spread to other rooms. You can also increase humidification by letting the water stand in the bathtub for an hour or two. This allows some of the water to evaporate.

Add some houseplants

If you have the green thumb, go crazy with plants because they naturally give off moisture as they grow. Just be sure they get enough light and water to keep them healthy.

Water distribution

If you don’t want to mess with plants, then fill some of your decorative vases with water and place them throughout the house. As the water evaporates it will add to the humidification of the air. For best results place them close to HVAC vents as the air movement will make the water evaporate more quickly.

Add a humidifier

The first six steps are a good start. Individually they may not do much to help with dry air, but collectively they can certainly make things better. True comfort however may require adding a humidifier to your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home. A whole house model (as opposed to portable room humidifiers) is the best way to go. Proper humidification will make you feel more comfortable, make you healthier, and avoid the shocking experience that is static electricity.

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