Best AC Products to Keep You Cool During Summer

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Best AC Products to Keep You Cool During Summer

Best AC Products From Merts Heating & Air Conditioning

When the outside temperatures are rising, it’s time to consider your home’s AC system. Hopefully, you’ve taken advantage of Merts’ Energy Savings Agreement to inspect and maintain your current home air conditioning system. If not, make that step one and call today. One of our professional technicians will ensure you have the AC equipment that best meets your needs and matches your home’s design and layout. Rest assured, we offer the best AC products for your total comfort, all summer long. 

If you need a new central air conditioning system, Merts sells a wide variety of high quality, reliable Bryant products, backed by their inclusive manufacturer’s warranties and our own workmanship guarantees. Whatever SEER rating desired or tonnage needed for your size home, Merts has the best AC products in the area. 

Maybe a mini-split is what you want. Whether you’re retrofitting a current space or adding a much needed addition to your home, Merts can install a ductless mini-split system designed to your home’s specifications. The mini-split has the advantage of needing no ductwork and can also provide heat, which often makes it the most versatile AC product for cooling a space. 

Central air and mini-splits are just two examples of the superior AC products available through Merts to beat the summer heat and humidity.

Other Residential AC Products

Since it’s virtually impossible to prevent the summer humidity from getting inside your home, Merts also offers other residential AC products to help. We have a variety of indoor air quality solutions to help keep the air inside pure and healthy. Merts offers several air purification alternatives among the many residential AC products that can enhance your summertime comfort. If you or your loved ones are experiencing unusual amounts of coughing, eye irritations, sore throats, or difficulty breathing, contact our office today to schedule an in-home inspection.

When you need the best residential AC products available to make your home cozy, comfortable and safe, Merts Heating & Air Conditioning is there to help. Our professionally trained AC technicians have the expertise and information you need. Call today.