Furnace Not Working

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Furnace Not Working

That hat and those gloves look good on you. Oops, you say you’re not going outside but just trying to stay warm because your gas furnace stopped working? Merts Heating & Air Conditioning hopes this never happens to you, but if it does, here are some of the common issues that cause a furnace to stop heating your Illinois or Northwestern Indiana home.

Furnace is not lighting

The most common cause for this is a problem with the ignition system. If it’s an older gas furnace it likely has a pilot light. If it has gone out check your owner’s manual for instructions on the correct way to relight it. If the pilot light won’t stay lit, your best bet is to call in professional help. Most newer gas furnaces have electric igniters. There isn’t much the homeowner can do If it appears to be not working. Fixing igniters is a pretty common heating system repair and our technicians can usually have your home toasty warm in short order.

Furnace is cycling

This is a term used when the furnace runs and produces some heat but shuts down before the house is warmed to the desired temperature. If that’s happening to you here are a few common things to check:

  1. Double check to make sure heat registers are open.
  2. Make sure the registers aren’t obstructed by furniture or other objects.
  3. Confirm the thermostat is set to the heat position and the fan switch is in the “auto” or “on” position.
  4. Check your filter and replace if it looks dirty.

Furnace is not running/producing no heat

Even a situation as dire as no heat at all can often be the result of something pretty simple.

  1. Once again check that thermostat to make sure it’s in the heating mode. You would be surprised how often a switch can be bumped inadvertently.
  2. Make sure the circuit breakers aren’t tripped. You must check your main electrical panel and any secondary breakers that provide power to the unit. If the breaker trips again after being reset, you’ll need to call for help.
  3. Nearly all furnaces have a power switch next to or inside the cabinet. Make sure the switch is in the on position.
  4. Sometimes the furnace motor can overheat and trip the reset button. After the motor has cooled locate the reset button and press it.

Gas leak

Throughout the process, if you suspect a gas leak you must deal with it immediately. If you smell gas do not light any matches or turn electrical switches on or off. You should get out of the house and call 911 or your gas supplier.

Merts can handle all repairs

It doesn’t matter what brand of gas furnace or other type of heating system you have; Merts Heating & Air Conditioning can handle any heating system repair. If you are ready to ditch the gloves and hats inside the house, call now to schedule your appointment and make your home comfortable again. For more great information about your heating and cooling systems, be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.