How Big Of a Generator Do I Need For My House?

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How Big Of a Generator Do I Need For My House?

Power outages are never fun. They’re inconvenient, and if prolonged, they can end up costing money. In the Crown Point, Indiana and Steger, Illinois areas, extreme winter weather makes the occurrence of power outages likely. But our area is typically on the windy side, so downed tree limbs are a real possibility during the warmer months, too. What if there was a way to avoid power outages altogether? Well, Merts can help with that. Consider a generator installation this winter!

There are many ways to prepare for a loss of power, like having plenty of flashlights or candles. Of course, you need extra batteries, and extra blankets are a must. Then there are the extra battery packs for phones, laptops or tablets. 

What if there was a way to avoid all the “extras?” There is.

With a whole-house generator installation from Merts Heating & Air Conditioning, you’ll be prepared without having to use storage space for all those other things that you may need. You can have peace of mind knowing your heat will stay on, your phone won’t die, and food won’t spoil due to lack of refrigeration. More than that, you may be able to do all the things you’d normally do when there’s no power outage to consider.

Determining the correct generator for your home really comes down to the number of appliances, lights and electronic devices you want to operate. The more things you decide you can’t be without, the larger the generator you’ll need. The only factor standing in your way is cost. 

The bigger the generator, the higher the cost. However, there are many options available that can keep your home comfort system running along with the refrigerator and/or freezer, specific lights and outlets, and your water heater, if it runs off electricity. 

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