A backup generator is one of those home purchases that you will hopefully not need often, but it is guaranteed you will be happy to have it when the power goes out.

No one wants to come home from summer vacation to a hot house and a refrigerator full of rancid food. Or likewise, to a cold, dark home in the middle of winter. Whether summer or winter, when the severe storms hit that knock out the electricity, you can be without power for unknown amounts of time. You can’t control the weather, but you can control whether or not your home comfort system, appliances and electronics continue to work when the lines go down.

With a quality Briggs & Stratton backup generator installed by your friends at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning, worry over power outages can be a thing of the past. The greater the number of kilowatts of the Briggs & Stratton backup generator you choose the more appliances and systems that will continue running when the electricity goes out. It’s totally up to you and what fits with your budget. 

These home backup generators are a popular choice because of their versatility and dependability — they can be set and managed to constantly power everything in your home or directed to give priority power where you want it. A simple generator transfer switch ensures your home gets the power it needs, even if you are not home when the electricity is interrupted. Whatever your needs, we have the right generator for you.

Get the peace of mind you deserve—call Merts today about a Briggs & Stratton backup generator. You will be glad you did!