How Long Does Freon Last In An Air Conditioner?

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How Long Does Freon Last In An Air Conditioner?

Very few things are forever, but one thing that comes close is the refrigerant in an air conditioner. Many times, it is a form of Freon and in a perfect world Freon is forever. It all comes down to what makes an air conditioner work. The refrigerant circulates in a closed loop changing form from liquid to gas, which allows it to remove heat from your Steger, IL or Crown Point, IN home so it’s cool and comfortable.

Refrigerant Level is Vital

It’s vitally important to maintain proper Freon levels in your air conditioner. Not doing so can lead to costly repairs or even an air conditioner replacement. Luckily, that’s not usually a problem. Because the refrigerant is in a closed loop the level of Freon should not change. Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. If a low level of Freon is discovered during maintenance by the expert technicians from Merts, the only possible cause is a leak. Too many people (and some HVAC contractors) just want to add more refrigerant, but It’s crucial to first find and fix the leak.

Is A Leak Inevitable?

Inevitable may be a little too strong but yes, over years, age will take its toll on your air conditioner. Leaks, many that can be extremely small, will happen over time. Adding to the likelihood is that the refrigerant circulates under extremely high pressure. This can eventually wear down the components creating pinhole size leaks.

Maintenance is Absolutely Imperative

Freon levels should be checked at least once a year during regular seasonal maintenance on the air conditioner in your Illinois or Northwest Indiana home. This is the best way to identify and fix refrigerant leaks while they are still small. This means you will lose less refrigerant, meaning it will cost you less (refrigerant is expensive) to replace it, and fixing any refrigerant leak is good for the environment. Even after maintenance you should be alert for any signs of a Freon leak including:

  • The air conditioner is blowing hot air
  • There is an ice or frost build up on your indoor and/or outdoor coil
  • Water from condensation appears near the air handler (NOTE: This is different than a condensate leak)

If you are noticing any of these things, call in an expert to check your AC unit for leaks.

The Time is Now

Maintaining proper Freon levels through maintenance will help you avoid a premature air conditioner replacement and keep your Steger, IL or Crown Point, IN home cool and comfortable. The summer heat waves will be here soon. Now is the time to call Merts Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your AC maintenance.  Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great HVAC information.