Protect Your Home and Family With a Backup Generator

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Protect Your Home and Family With a Backup Generator

Some titles are well-earned. One example is Chicago’s title of the windy city. We can have some wicked weather, especially during the winter. It’s why Merts Heating and Air Conditioning is urging you to call us and talk about adding a backup generator to guard against dangerous, even deadly, power outages this winter and year-round.

A Briggs and Stratton emergency generator installed by Merts will give you peace of mind knowing you can avoid potential disasters in your home. Think for a moment how dependent we are on electricity, and what you would have to do without when a power outage hits:

  • Washing & Drying Clothes
  • Security System
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Medical equipment
  • Fans
  • Communication Devices

With a professional installation by our Merts licensed technicians, you know the generator will be installed properly to meet all safety regulations. It will be equipped with a transfer switch, which means your home will have electricity within moments after the power goes out, even if you’re not at home.

We can help you determine which Briggs and Stratton backup generator is best for your needs. We have models capable of powering everything in your home all the time, or a generator can be configured to direct power to where it’s needed most. There are also generators available to power just the basics like your furnace, refrigerator, lights and sump pump.

You may think it just won’t happen to you, but do you want to depend on luck? A quick Google search for power outages in metro Chicago and Northwest Indiana turned up these headlines:

  • 2011: Over 868,000 customers lost power at the height of the storms
  • 2014: Tens of thousands without power after severe storms
  • 2016: 30,000 Without power in NW Indiana following blizzard

When those major power outages hit, it can take days for your electricity to be restored. Do you really want to roll the dice when it comes to your home and family?  Merts features the Briggs and Stratton generators because of their reputation for reliability and ease of maintenance. Don’t spend a sleepless night worrying about losing power when the first big winter storm comes. Instead, call Merts today and we can help you always be protected from power outages, no matter what the cause.