Resolve to Make Your Home Safer & More Efficient

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Resolve to Make Your Home Safer & More Efficient

So how many New Year’s resolutions did you make? How about resolving to make your home more efficient, comfortable, and safer in 2018? Merts Heating & Cooling can help you do just that in any number of ways.

Let’s start with a basic checklist of things to do:

  • Smoke detectors
    • Test them to make sure they are working
    • If you haven’t changed batteries recently, do it now
    • A good idea is to replace batteries whenever you “spring ahead” or “fall back”
    • It’s recommended you replace your smoke detectors every 10 years

Merts can’t over-emphasize how important your smoke detectors are. On average in this country, seven people die every day in residential fires. More than half of those are in homes without smoke detectors, or detectors that weren’t working.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
    • If you don’t have them install them now
    • Make sure you know where to put them
    • Call Merts if you need help

This is another reason to schedule routine furnace or boiler maintenance before the start of every heating season. It will include a carbon monoxide test by an expert Merts technician. This is much more sensitive than the CO detectors, and can alert you to even low levels of this silent killer.

  • Improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)
    • End static shocks & frizzy hair with a whole-house humidifier for dry winter air
    • Upgrade your air filtration system to remove more particulates from the air
    • Upgrade to a new air purification system to also remove germs & viruses

The number of young adults and children suffering from breathing problems is increasing every year. The problem has been directly linked to increased indoor air pollution which the EPA calls a leading public health issue.

Merts will also help make your home more efficient in the new year. Start with a new Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.  It’s like a programmable thermostat on steroids. It allows you to control your heating and cooling system using your mobile device.  If your home is like most, empty for several hours during the day, proper use of a programmable thermostat can cut your heating and cooling costs by up to 10% a year.

You know what else that Wi-Fi thermostat will give you? Peace of mind. If you’re out of town when that winter storm hits, you can use your mobile device to check on the status of your heating system and change the settings if needed. Talk with your technician during your appointment, or call our office to find out which programmable Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible with your system and how it can make it more efficient and save you money in the long run.

We know it’s tough to keep all of those New Year’s resolutions, but in this case Merts Heating & Cooling is here to help. Contact us today to ensure your family’s comfort and safety.

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