3 Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator for Your Home

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3 Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator for Your Home

If there’s one thing most people can’t predict, and we definitely have no control over, it’s the weather. Extreme weather events can loom on the horizon, either being identified soon enough to give residents time to prepare, or seemingly coming from nowhere. This is why considering a backup generator for your home might be the right investment.

The Crown Point, Indiana area has been under severe weather warnings a whopping 63 times over the last year. Storms often mean power outages as trees get knocked down, taking power lines with them. Steger, Illinois fared no better, with storm warnings occurring 69 times during the same time period. Those weather events sometimes had gusty winds up to 70mph. Everyone knows extreme winds have the propensity for unpredictable power outages. 

Solve Power Outage Problems

With a whole-house standby or backup generator you need not fear a potential power outage ever again. In fact, the experts at Consumer Reports say backup generators are the gold standard of backup power since they can run for weeks on a large whole-house propane tank or indefinitely if powered by natural gas.

There are various price points for a backup generator installation, but  the stability and reliability of the equipment makes it a practical investment in your home that adds to its overall value. 

3 Solid Reasons to Invest in a Whole-House Backup Generator 

  • Keep your major appliances, lights, and systems running, even when the electricity goes out. You can choose the size of your backup generator, depending on the amount of investment you want to make to run the things most important to you.
  • You’ll never have to worry about spoiled food in the freezer or refrigerator. Frozen and refrigerated food is a major investment. How many of us have frustratingly thrown out hundreds of dollars worth of thawed, rancid food? A backup generator installation eliminates ever having to do that again due to a power outage. 
  • A backup generator is always ready to go, comes on automatically, & costs little to operate. You can have peace of mind knowing your whole-house backup generator will turn on automatically seconds after the electric cuts off. Since a backup generator is most commonly powered by natural gas, it’s very energy efficient and runs at a low operating cost. 

A generator installation ensures your loved ones remain safe and comfortable regardless of an unexpected power outage. Protect your family and your resources by calling the professionals at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your installation.