Protect Your Home With a Backup Generator & More Before You Go on Vacation

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Protect Your Home With a Backup Generator & More Before You Go on Vacation

Backup Generators For Your Home

You have been looking forward to your vacation and the summertime for quite some time and can’t wait to spend time with your family. You are going over your vacation preparation checklist, which includes making sure all the bills have been paid, the mail will be held at the post office, the newspaper won’t be thrown in the driveway, the family pet has been boarded and the yard will be mowed.  Sounds like you are pretty organized, but your friends at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning want to make sure that you don’t forget about your most valuable commodity … your home. You need to make sure your home is protected while you are away. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your home looks just the way you left it when you return from vacation, including a backup generator and more. 

Protect Your Appliances from Storms

Surge protection is a must in the Midwest. Summertime storms bring lightning strikes, which can produce power surges that will ruin electric appliances, including your A/C. They also can knock out power for extended periods of time, so a backup generator is also a great idea. One of the worst feelings in the world is to get home from vacation and walk into a hot house.

Keep Some Lights On

Make sure your home is lit both indoors and out while you are away. This will deter anyone who shouldn’t be in your house from trying to get in.

Utilize Your Neighbors

Have a neighbor or friend come over and check your house while you are away for any issues, such as leaks or broken windows.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Your air conditioning does not need to run as much while you are away as it does when you’re home. Raise the temperature or program it to cool at specific times. Better yet, if you don’t already have one, check out the efficiency and convenience of a Wifi thermostat. This will enable you to monitor climate control while you are away. Merts recommends Ecobee Wifi thermostat systems, which are “intuitive to use and beautiful to look at.” Call us today to learn more about our full line of Ecobee products.

Call Merts To Help With The Summer Maintenance

Of course, making sure your home’s air conditioner and backup generator are operating properly and efficiently before you leave is always a good idea, so give Merts a call today and schedule a checkup or regular maintenance. Let our licensed pros help you have peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation!