Is a High Efficiency Boiler Worth It?

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Is a High Efficiency Boiler Worth It?

Winters in the Steger, Illinois and Crown Point, Indiana areas account for a little over three months of the year and temperatures can easily hover below freezing some days. You need a reliable heating source that is efficient and doesn’t break the bank. Learn below why a high efficiency boiler may be the best solution for saving you money in the long run.

Is a High Efficiency Boiler a Good Investment?

Homeowners have options to choose from when deciding the type of heating source they’d like to have and how that heating unit is powered, whether electric, oil-fired, natural gas or liquid propane (LP). Due to their higher upfront installation costs, many new homes are not designed with boilers, but a high efficiency boiler can be a great investment as well as a source of consistent warmth and comfort all winter long.  

It’s worth mentioning that boilers can either be steam or water, but the most efficient by far is the water boiler. Some water boilers can be used as water heaters as well, eliminating the need for two separate necessary home-comfort appliances, doubling the opportunity to receive a great return on your investment.

What makes a boiler high-efficiency? Furnaces are rated by their annual fuel efficiency rate or AFUE, the standard of measuring efficiency as determined by the Department of Energy and determined by comparing the amount of fuel needed to operate the furnace to the amount of heat it produces. An AFUE of 80% means that 80% of the fuel used to operate the unit is produced as home-heat. The higher the AFUE the lower wasted energy costs. 

Are There Pros & Cons?

Every decision we’re faced with has its advantages and disadvantages. A high efficiency boiler may not work in every residential setting, but it’s worth exploring if it’s right for you.

As we said, the upfront costs of installation tend to be higher. High efficiency boilers can also be more complex to install, but the NATE certified technicians at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning have the training needed to complete the task to your satisfaction.

There are significant advantages to heating your home with a high efficiency boiler, such as their stellar AFUE of up to 95%. Newer boilers are typically wall-mounted, so they use very little floor space. Since they are often equipped with smart components and sensors, boiler systems can read the outdoor temperature and more proficiently heat your home, using less energy and lowering your overall heating costs.

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