Pros & Cons of Natural Gas Furnaces

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Pros & Cons of Natural Gas Furnaces

Buying a new home heating system is likely not at the top of the most exotic items to purchase list, but it definitely is among the most needed. For safety, comfort and health, homeowners require a comfort system that keeps them cool in the summer and warm during the cold winters in the Steger, Illinois and Crown Point, Indiana areas while providing the purest indoor air possible.

What to Consider If You’re In The Market For A Natural Gas Furnace

If you are in the market for a new furnace installation, Merts Heating & Air Conditioning has professional Comfort Specialists to help navigate the vast field of information to decide which type of home heating system best meets your needs, works with the layout of your home, and will fit into your household budget. 

Natural gas furnaces are among the most popular heating choices among the many from which homeowners can choose. Even though they are widely used, like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages with natural gas furnaces, such as:



  • The upfront costs tend to be higher for natural gas furnaces compared to their electric counterparts. However, the cost differential may be made up over time with the overall operating savings.
  • Natural gas does produce emissions such as carbon monoxide, so a carbon monoxide detector is vitally necessary in homes.
  • If you are retrofitting a natural gas furnace, ductwork modifications may be needed, which will likely increase the overall installation costs. 

Whether you choose an electric or natural gas furnace, both will do the job of keeping you warm when you need it. It really comes down to the fuel source you have available and personal choice. Whichever furnace installation you choose, Merts Heating & Air Conditioning has the skilled technicians to do the job right. We make sure each technician has the tools and training to properly install the home comfort systems our customers want to their complete satisfaction – guaranteed!

Don’t wait. Call Merts today to schedule your no-cost consultation and decide if a natural gas furnace is the one for you.