Are Ductless Mini Splits Energy Efficient?

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Are Ductless Mini Splits Energy Efficient?

When it comes to heating solutions in your Steger, Illinois or Crown Point, Indiana area home, there are several great options from which you can choose. In some situations, dual systems may even be the best choice. That’s why you should consider a ductless mini split. They are very energy efficient!

While a heat pump/furnace combination may be the most well-known among homeowners, using ductless mini-splits with an existing HVAC system is also an efficient option. For example, if you have a room addition planned, but tying ductwork into your existing system is not possible, installing a ductless mini-split is a perfect solution. 

Mini-splits are also great for basement remodels or bonus rooms above garages. Adding a ductless mini-split to an enclosed sunroom provides the opportunity for a limited-use space to become an all-season room. 


  • Ductwork is a major source of heat loss in conventional systems. Since a ductless mini-split system requires no ductwork, the inefficiency is eliminated.
  • Several models of ductless mini-splits have outdoor units that can operate up to four indoor air handlers, making them an easy way to manage zoned home comfort.
  • Zoned, individualized heating allows comfort to be zeroed-in to the specific desires of the occupants. 
  • Some mini-splits turn on with electronic sensors only when rooms are occupied. This means no wasted energy in empty spaces. 
  • Mini-splits can provide both heating and cooling. This versatility only increases their overall energy efficiency in the home comfort market.

The biggest drawback for some homeowners is mini-splits may have a higher upfront installation cost in some circumstances. However, with cost savings of pinpointed comfort and no ductwork, the return on the investment in your home’s comfort system may be a wise long term investment.

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