Can a Mini Split System Be Used to Heat?

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Can a Mini Split System Be Used to Heat?

Ductless mini-splits are a form of heat pump that can be utilized as the primary home heating source or as a supplement to others, such as a furnace or even a separate whole-house heat pump. Because heat pump technology is utilized, mini-splits can provide heat or AC as needed. 

The evolution of HVAC technology has made the ductless mini-split a competitive and versatile option for many American homeowners, regardless of location. Mini-splits are an energy-efficient heating choice with a relatively easy installation process. Additionally, they’re appropriate for either commercial or residential HVAC applications.

Since mini-splits are ductless, they are ideal during home additions or remodels where it’s impossible to install additional ductwork. 


During heating season, the mini-split heat pump removes cold air from inside, transferring it out of doors. The process is reversed when the AC is used. Warm air is transferred outside. This level of versatility is icing on the cake for a mini-split system and offers a range of possible installation applications for many homeowners. 

Another characteristic that adds to the mini-split’s appeal is the ability for the settings to be tailored to whomever is in the room. Meaning that temperature settings can differ from room to room where a mini-split is located. Some mini-split heat pumps are manufactured with programmable, intuitive technology, so the unit only runs when the room is occupied. This is a key feature that can save homeowners a lot in annual utility costs.

The outdoor unit, which is the compressor/condensing unit, exchanges the pressurized air through a small pipe running through the wall to the indoor unit, which can be no more than 50 feet away from the compressor/condenser.  For this reason, it’s good for the indoor unit to be on an exterior wall. The outdoor unit is a little workhorse; it can easily handle up to four indoor units.

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