Consider an AC Replacement Before It’s Too Hot

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Consider an AC Replacement Before It’s Too Hot

This is a cautionary tale about Jim and Ellen, a fictional couple. It’s the first borderline hot day of spring. Jim decides it’s a great day to play a round of golf at nearby Balmoral Woods Country Club. Ellen is excited to get outside and work in her flower beds that soon will be in full bloom. Jim is so happy to be back on the course, he decides to walk the 18 holes instead of using a cart. When he returns home in the afternoon he’s drenched in sweat, and so is Ellen who has spent several hours in the hot sun pulling weeds.

They decide it’s time to go inside, turn on the air conditioning and cool down. It’s a good plan, but when they turn on the AC nothing happens. That’s when they realize they never called to make an appointment for a tune-up and maintenance. Since it is the first hot day of the season, all the HVAC contractors they call are busy. Jim and Ellen now realize they could be waiting for hours, or even days before someone is able to get there and take care of the air conditioning repair or AC replacement.

Not sure if you need an AC replacement or repair? Watch this video below:

It’s too bad Jim and Ellen aren’t members of the Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) plan with Merts Heating & Air Conditioning. They wouldn’t have to remember to make the call, because we would call them and schedule regular maintenance on their air conditioner in the spring, and their furnace in the fall. Here are some of the benefits you will get with an ESA membership:

  • Priority 24-Hour Service
  • 10% Savings
  • No Overtime Charges
  • Annual Tune-up on Heating & Cooling Systems
  • 2-Year Warranty on all Repair Parts Installed
  • Improved Efficiency & Capacity
  • Ensures Safety
  • Extends Equipment Life
  • Maintains Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Agreement is Always Transferable
  • Monthly Payment Plans Available

Let’s be clear, there is no HVAC company able to guarantee you will never have a breakdown, but the best way to prevent one is by getting regular maintenance and tune-ups. And the worry-free way to do that is with an ESA membership. It’s like buying insurance. The cost of the Energy Savings Agreement will seem cheap compared to having to make a call for an emergency HVAC repair at your home in south suburban home near Steger IL or in Northwest Indiana near Crown Point IN. especially if it’s after hours or on a weekend.

Call for Your AC Replacement or Repair Today

So, don’t end up like Jim & Ellen. Call Merts Heating & Air Conditioning now to learn how easy and affordable it is to sign up for the Energy Savings Agreement. It’s the best way to prevent unexpected HVAC breakdowns.