How to Prepare Your AC for the Winter

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How to Prepare Your AC for the Winter

The summer of 2022 had most of the United States experiencing higher than normal temperatures, and the areas of Steger, Illinois and Crown Point, Indiana were not excluded. Air conditioners worked hard, and now they deserve a break. Merts would like to share some helpful tips and information to help you prepare your AC for winter.

When the temperatures drop, don’t be left holding the bag because your air conditioner was not properly maintained. Your AC is part of your home’s total comfort system and, outside of your home, is probably one of the most expensive resources you have.


  • The first step you want to take to ensure your overall safety is to shut the power off to the unit. Most AC units have their own power switch, so toggle that to the off position. If yours doesn’t, turn off the breaker powering the AC in your electrical box. 

NOTE: If the AC shares a breaker with any other necessary appliance, be sure to turn the breaker back on when finished. If not, leave it off to prevent the use of electricity while the AC isn’t being used over the winter.

  • To ensure the case covering the outdoor unit doesn’t fill with dirt and debris, remove any twigs and grass clippings that may be around the unit. You should also clean out any gutters above the unit and trim plantings around it. Hose off the outside unit and wipe off any bird droppings, etc. that you see.
  • Cover the exposed pipes with foam pipe insulation. You can purchase this at the local home improvement store but be sure to get the exact size that matches your pipes. 
  • If you have returns that are only for cooling, you may close them during the colder months. 

Proper AC maintenance involves these tasks and more. Household chores that clean up around your outdoor equipment and insulate where needed should never be mistaken for comprehensive AC maintenance performed by a skilled HVAC technician.

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