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Regular maintenance on your home’s air conditioning system is essential to keep it running at its highest efficiency. In fact, most air conditioning equipment manufacturers require regularly scheduled maintenance to keep their warranties valid. Maintenance provides the trained technician opportunities to make any necessary repairs, which goes a long way to preventing more costly breakdowns or premature system failure. Regular maintenance also ensures your system is operating at peak performance, saving your money on energy costs. Industry experts recommend having your air conditioning serviced each spring to make sure it is ready to keep you comfortably cool during the hot summer months. 

You can easily recognize an air conditioner that has not been properly or regularly cleaned and serviced. The indoor and outdoor coils will be covered with grime and likely yard debris like twigs or leaves. Fans will often run noisily and refrigerant levels are not at the proper level for optimum performance. Neglecting air conditioning equipment maintenance is just asking for trouble. 

Call Merts today to schedule regular AC service and maintenance. Our qualified technicians will run your AC system through a complete cycle to test for any issues, including refrigerant pressure, indoor/outdoor ambient temperature, and amperage draw on fan motors. They will also oil motors and moving parts, check and tighten electrical connections, and clean/drain indoor and outdoor coils.

Despite regular maintenance, sometimes air conditioning units break down and eventually they reach the end of their normal life expectancy. If you are hearing unusual sounds coming from any part of your cooling system, standing water around the unit or notice uneven temperatures when the system is running, you probably need the attention of the pros at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team is ready 24/7 for any type of emergency and will have your air conditioning repaired and running as it should as quickly as possible.

Customer service is a top priority for Merts Heating & Air Conditioning. 

Check out Merts conditional Seasonal Guarantee:  If a Merts technician has thoroughly inspected/cleaned your AC and has determined no repairs are needed, but the system fails within a month of your tune-up, the cost of your maintenance visit will be 100% refunded to you. This guarantee is void if the system failure occurs as a result of not choosing to follow through with any recommended repairs or replacements in any component of your system found during the tune-up inspection.