Air conditioners sometimes break down, often when it’s hottest and always when it’s inconvenient. Besides being untimely and uncomfortable, the unplanned expense is often a burden on your budget. 

Not to worry. Your friends at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning have a wide variety of new energy-efficient air conditioners. With approved credit, we offer convenient special financing through Wells Fargo or even no-credit-required financing through Microf. Having financing options allows you to pay over time for your newly installed high-efficiency air conditioning system, making it easier to have a comfortable home again and save money on future energy costs.

Schedule one of our in-home comfort evaluations to learn about your air conditioning replacement options and any special discounts or rebates that may be available to you. During the visit, please advise our Comfort Specialist if you or your loved ones have current health issues, such as asthma or other respiratory concerns, that may affect your choice of air conditioning system. If humidity levels in your home are not stable or within acceptable comfort levels, the Merts Comfort Specialist can provide you with economical solutions, such as an air purification or dehumidification system.

Proper installation is crucial to having an air conditioning system that runs efficiently and provides the maximum amount of comfort. If manufacturer’s and industry guidelines are not followed, you may also end up paying more in energy costs or have a system that is at risk for premature failure.

What are the indicators of a correctly installed air conditioning system?

For more information about installing a new energy-efficient air conditioning system that can help lower utility costs, call the A/C professionals at Merts Heating & Air Conditioning today!