Most Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, either working or at home. Many people probably give little thought to the purity of the indoor air they are breathing. Ask them about outdoor air pollution, and you will likely get as many opinions as the number of people you ask. One thing everyone will agree on though, is breathing in contaminated air is harmful and can have detrimental short- and long-term effects on overall health. 

Recent studies show that your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) can be up to four to five times more harmful than what is outside. This is mostly attributable to indoor air pollutants, airborne viruses, and other contaminants that are not properly filtered or eliminated from your home.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air quality is one of the top environmental threats facing Americans and are direct contributors to the ever-growing number of adults and children who are afflicted with breathing problems and other moderate or serious health issues.

The good news is Merts Heating & Air Conditioning can help you make your IAQ the best it can be. Our Comfort Specialists are able to analyze your IAQ to determine the best solution for immediate improvement.

Merts offers the following comprehensive array of indoor air quality improvement products that will quickly work with your heating and cooling system to battle the airborne pollutants invading your home.

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