A vital component of your home’s HVAC system that can be easily overlooked is its effect on providing the best air quality possible inside your home.

Unless it is properly treated and conditioned, the air circulating throughout your home may be filled with not only dust particles and animal dander, but airborne pollutants that can lead to both short- and long-term health issues for you and your family such as headaches, dizziness, runny noses, itchy, red or watery eyes, or even more serious concerns like respiratory, heart, or neurological issues.

Merts Heating & Air Conditioning offers the most up-to-date industry options for in-home air purification systems and air filtration technology that can produce the healthiest indoor air. One way you can help keep your indoor air clean and fresh is to regularly change your system’s air filters. Check your owner’s manual to determine the correct size and model of air filter or give Merts a call for assistance. 

We can also install a new air cleaner that will quickly remove potentially harmful contaminants and even unpleasant smells from the air in your home. Our line of air purification products also includes options that eliminate numerous airborne viruses and bacterias, decreasing the amount of flu and cold germs circulating in your home. Call today for more information or click here to learn about our PureAir™ purification systems or our Healthy Climate® 11 Media Air Cleaners.

Schedule an appointment today. One of our qualified home Comfort Specialists can test your indoor air quality to determine which products can make your indoor air pure and healthy. You will be glad you did!